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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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all-new today on "right this minute." a mom comforts a child stuck in a concrete grate. >> the poor 7-year-old girl. >> so why this slippery accident was just waiting to haen >> a husband's surprise for his wife. >> just melted my heart. completely. >> the video guaranteed to give you the warm and fuzzies. >> oh! it's mine! oh! >> motorcyclist caught a driver on her cell and says -- >> excuse me maybe we put the phone down. >> what happens when she doesn't take too kindly to that suggestion. and a couple posing on the pier in malibu. >> going to make a great profile picture. >> why it's so much more than that if her man's risky move
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>> over an ocean! >> yes! >> i'm going to start a petition. and this petition is to rename firefighters in china. because it's been weeks since i've seen them actually fight a fire. they've been busy doing this. rescuing a child stuck somewhere. this time it's a poor 7-year-old girl who got stuck in a sewer grate. >> i'm just going to go out there and say that's just in itself some pretty poor design to where a bunch of children will be running/walking around. >> it was wet and slippery so it was bound to happen. >> i'm just looking at the shin. >> yeah. you know that hurts. >> pressed up against that coarse metal like that. >> i think it's actually concrete. >> oh, you're right because it cracked like that. >> and that's like a pool drain. that's just surround to a public pool it looks like. >> it's like let's fill the pool. and install a child trap all the way around. >> exactly.
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for about ten minutes because that's how long it took firefighters to get her out but as you could see now there's a bigger hole waiting for somebody else to fall into. >> well look at the other one right across the way. >> exactly. >> so, well just stick around firefighters. >> the child safety specialists are not firefighters anymore. we've all seen it most of us have done it, and it's frustrating and especially dangerous for us motorcyclists out there. distracted driving. becoming even more of an issue influence. up in ottawa, canada this motorcyclist has a camera on his helmet. he noticed this suv appears to be distracted. he noticed it at the light before. now he chooses to go up to the window and what do we see? >> there's like no surprise right there. >> right. look how far back from the front of the line she is, as well. in ottawa, canada, it is illegal to hold or use a handheld device. she is not supposed to be doing
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maybe we put the phone down. >> and she still goes about it like that's the most important thing in the world when driving is. >> if you think that's unbelievable wait until you see what comes next. the light turns, the motorcyclist is all right, well i'm getting ahead of this harz ard. >> miss passive aggressive is behind him. >> not for long. >> oh. >> oh, now she's just aggressive again. >> right. she purposely tried to get as close to him as possible and pass himn yeah. that's a jerk move. the motorcyclist now not going to let this one go. looks like she may be brake checking him as well. >> what is your problem man? and they come up to another light. now he pulls up to the right and he's like you, pull over. i got to assume she at this point may feel a little threatened. i'm sure she's probably a little bit scared. you can't hear it but she does say don't you have anything
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department. [ indiscernible ] >> eric hannah the guy underneath the helmet follows her for a little bit then tails off. did turn this in to police. the driver of that suv will face charges of careless driving, and distracted driving. >> if convicted she could face hefty fines and up to nine points on her license. >> but it's pretty unsafe for him to be approaching cars like that, too. because this could have gone a different way. >> according to police looks like he did nothing wrong in >> according to police that is the end of it. >> this just melted my heart. completely. see this fella here. look at what he's holding. >> oh, man that is a puppy. >> yeah that looks like a bag of cotton balls. >> wait until it turns around and you see the little face. see that woman there? that's his wife christa. she has been wanting a little puppy for quite some time now. you see when she cease it, her
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>> no! no! oh, it's mine! >> she is completely surprised and excited, and flipping out. yes, girl, it's yours. >> i think she like it. >> and now she just cries, and holds onto the pup. >> you're so cute. >> there is a cutie. >> this next video is really too cute. >> mom hands the kids the phone. here's some characters on it. the little girl asks, okay. >> [ indiscernible ] >> no no. another place. >> oh. >> what? [ indiscernible ] [ screing ] >> oh, yeah. i meant to tell you to cover
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this woman show you how it's done. [ screaming ] >> cameraman adam just got back. did you scream like that adam when you got to go? >> i did. i was so excited. >> let's be honest this video has fail written all over it right fromheery beginning. >> you'll get it. >> because anyone that's having this much trouble getting into a wetsuit probably shouldn't be doing the sport required to wear this wetsuit for. >> what oli? >> barefoot water skiing. eventually they squeeze him in, hang him off the side, they get up to speed and they're like oh, buddy go for it. >> yeah, oh! >> miracle. >> pretty much the expression and sound that everybody watching make, everybody in the boat because then they have a good jiggle -- >> oh. >> great thing about this video
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give it to slow motion. >> he gets himself upright for all of a sudden i think as soon as his feels dig in he gets a face full of water, and when he really digs in. [ indiscernible ] ooh ah ooh as he invents the sport of water cartwheeling. >> [ bleep ] >> a little bit of a wind. the kind of wind you want to put on your bucket list. head o guys are going to take this great cable car up and ebb joy the stunning views. >> but as you can see from the cable car there is a much more fun way to get down. >> is that the luge track from the olympics or something? >> toboggan. >> just let's be honest one of the most stunning rides you can have. because while they're blistering down it and some fun speed look it's like a painting or something just mountains and
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and everything honestly i want in. this hose has some serious suction power. >> if ever abducted by aliens this is it. just the hose coming down and sucking you up. >> see what it sucks up from that hole. plus, he will not be outdone. >> is that baby christian? >> everything. ps. like the power to earn allstate reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i e and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands. ?
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how fast are closeds captioning provided by/ you're at the garage that guy at the front is giving you just a bit more. just a bit more. >> not that much! . >> the female driver guns it,
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realizing that their co-worker is trapped underneath the car. they see the woman sitting there in shock. shout through the window to please get out of there, unlock the door, reduce the weight inside. they're not able to move it and eventually six people get together and just manually run and lift this car up and free the guy from underneath. fortunately this back at work. this guy's excuse was she was driving a foreign car and was confused by the pedals. i'm going to call [ bleep ] on that one. the pedals are the same. i'm surprised they would let somebody drive into a situation
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>> we're to sydney, australia for our next video. a situation we've seen or been around. when people do get confused they suddenly make sudden decisions like this. >> oh, come on. >> now i watch this video and i have the same reaction as all of you. that is entirely the silver but then i watch the rear view camera and realize, somebody else is at fault, as well. >> you see he made the same move. the silver car just gunned it. looking over his shoulder and never saw this coming. >> oh!
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miss betsy's daughter. she's got her tablet and reading a book and with all the toys in the room. where is she at? a book. one last cutie pie here. >> that baby christian? >> no, that -- >> no. [ indiscernible ]
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>> these guys in the bay area in california, resorted to a very simple solution for this rescue. >> shop vac. >> yep. >> that's exactly what it is. >> you get -- >> oh. >> gets -- >> oh. >> genius. >> and it's kitty and they were able to successfully pull it up granted it must have been a scary moment. >> the only other way they could have done that was to dig down, down, down. you saw it about six feet. they have to excavate that whole area. >> if there was ever a feeling of being abducted by ail jens this was it. >> the hose coming down and sucking you up. >> according to reports people
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they were, they call the fire department and the animal services -- >> we're going to use this shop vac. >> one of the animal services officers manny who you see in the video on his niece there was able to rescue one of the kittens because there were two in there to begin with. >> the other one was so stuck. that they had to resort to this. both kittens were taken to the nearby shelter, where they will be treated and hopefully they'll find a forever home. >> wow that was great, man. >> putting on a single shirt can be a pain at times. now imagine sliding on 200. >> i know there's a lot but you're wearing 200 people's other stuff. >> see if they're able to complete this challenge. >> kid from the christmas story. and he's been writing letters to his daughter even before she was born. >> i remember when i was born like it was yesterday. i was -- you -- >> hear his heart warming lyrics now that she's 1. >> i love it.
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promotional considerations provided by -- act kids anticavity rinse tastes great and helps reduce cavities up to 40%. act kids. [ announcer ] cortizone-10 eczema relief is specially formulated for eczema, with the strongest non-prescription itch medicine for fast, lasting relief. cortizone-10 eczema relief. feel the heal. yo rapper on wrtm, letter to my daughter. part three. >> cool. >> my daughter birthday just passed i want to give her the world no matter how old she always going to be my little girl. >> i like him. i love his letters. >> we love his letters. he's been on the show before. >> alexander nash kak alley cat the rapper said he wants to clean up his act and be a better person for his little girl. >> took my breath away i promise
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>> he now is time for hisrd t letter since he just turned 1. >> right this minute tell me that they like my video. >> what? we are now immortalized in a rap sing is that is awesome. and it's such a great song, too. >> i can't believe y'all talking there took the first step i can't believe y'all was walking there i hate to put you on the ground love to crawl around travel the world going all around. >> i mean some day she'll go off and she could have read dad -- go back and look at these videos. that's her little visual time capsule. >> seeing how dedicated he is. i love it. gives you little goose bumps. >> i love you more than life itself and the first time you said that my heart beats up and understand videos i'm hoping
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productions tried the 100 layers with shirts. it kind of failed on them the first time around. but this time instead of 100, they doubled up, and they're doing 200. so here we go. they start layering them up. he can barely move his hands. >> like that kid from the christmas story. >> you know what i can't get out of my head 200 different people's body cells and stuff i mean i know they've been washed but you're wearing 200 people's other stuff on you. >> i do think that we pushed it to the limit of human endurance and possibility. >> more than 100. not quite 200. but they're not just gonna you know sit there take pictures record the video and sums it up no they're going to go out into
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>> not the weird esz thing i've ever seen in the grocery store. >> you're right. >> if you didn't think that was the weirdest thing you've seen at a grocery store is it the weirdest thing you've seen at a park perhaps? these guys in their big suits with a ton of attitude. are going to skate. >> nice. >> fails than wins in this but those are so funny the entire video is a win. if you want to check out the whole thing just head on over to click on tv show or you can see it on our mobile app. >> it's a beautiful day at the beach. >> he's posing for a picture. it's going to make a great profile pi >> but see why this picture
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nhl stars.
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>> max is out of control. >> oh, my gosh. i can't believe it. i wish you would settle down. how many times -- max. good start honey. bye, max. have fun on your car ride. keep spinning. effective video from the malibu here -- flying over the water. the light is just gorgeous on the pier this couple hannah and john taking a little stroll in their bathing suits. he's posing for a picture, in the background this is going to make a great profile picture. but it won't be as great as the picture she's about to take because guys --
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?hey're in the mood for love ? >> yeah. >> yep. and check this out as they're there right at the end of the e to get closer. we see the drone is carrying a very special box which i think is really bold. >> yeah, over an ocean. >> yeah. >> but fortunately this one was successfully planned. john is able to take the box from the drone as it backs away they get near the pier. and then he asks her to marry him. >> she should have seen this coming, just a day out on the beach and suddenly a drone just sweeps in. >> yep she figur quickly. [ indiscernible ] >> i only caught that but she apparently was the one that grabd the bull by the horns and said will you be my man.
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no time to say yes. >> yes! obviously. >> and then this is really pretty because at the end of the video we get to walk with them as he brings out a bottle of champagne. >> yea sclchlt. >> oh, i like that. >> she shows us the ring, congratulations to you both. >> that's the end of our show for today. for more great viral videos check out or catch us on the next mn. .
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all new today on "right this minute" -- a terrible accident leads a mom to panic. >> because her 10-year-old is trapped. >> see how a crowd of heroes come together to save a life. reunion time when a plane lands carrying collie. >> that's his pet dog. >> the story of how the two were separated during a ten-day ordeal. >> hello, princess. a carrier pi john is used by prison smugglers. >> it's pretty old school. >> what guards caught it trying to carry in. and a video to make you say -- >> what? >> what is in there you got to see to believe. >> what? >> no!


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